We recommend professional grooming every 4-8 weeks, depending on the breed and size of your dog, to ensure their coat remains healthy and matt free.

What to expect when you turn up

All appointments start with a free consultation to understand what you would like and give you some tips and advice on what would look best. During this time, it would be helpful to outline any health problems, especially skin conditions, arthritis etc that your dog may have. This is so we can tailor the way we treat your dog whilst they are being pampered by us.

If you want a free consultation before your appointment to talk about the condition of your dog and get a more accurate price, this can be arranged as well.

Once your dog has settled in, the real work gets underway. We start with a soothing, yet thorough bath with specialist shampoo, even for sensitive skin, followed by a thorough blow dry and as we don't believe in tying your dog up, they are able to embrace this unique experience with complete freedom. Due to the accidents that can arise, we do not use cage dryers! This seems to be becoming normal practise amongst most groomers.

Once your dog has been dried, they get a subtle tidy up, or a full scale makeover and some leave-in conditioner to emphasise their natural shine. Complimentary nail clipping is added at no extra cost.

Lastly, to make your pampered pooch feel unique, special canine cologne is applied to make them smell divine.


Maybe the sound of stripping and clipping has got you slightly worried. Well no need to! If you would prefer just to have your companion bathed and dried, we will give them the same dedication as a full groom, adding the conditioner and cologne to make them feel special.


If you find that your dogs eyes or paws are becoming overgrown, or has a dirty bum, you can have them trimmed for a small fee of £5.

Nail Clipping

In addition, if your dog is having trouble keeping their nails in shape, we offer a nail clipping service for only £5.