Cuddles and Cuts were established in 2008 and have been grooming dogs with care and dedication ever since.

During this time, our reputation has grown in the surrounding areas and have customers making trips to us from as far as Suffolk and the outskirts of Essex.

We specialise in dogs that have had bad grooming experiences - usually due to being tied up or badly handled - or are simply nervous or aggressive. A lot of our clients have come to us because of this and decide to keep coming back when they see how happy their dog is after being here.

Due to the high standard of training, we do not feel it is right or necessary to have to tie dogs up during grooming. We were the first dog groomers in Havering not to tie up dogs, and unlike others that have started practising this, Fay was trained by professional trainers and given skilled guidance on how to groom dogs safely without tying them up.

No terrifying nooses, straps or belts are used!

We especially advise against using belly straps for dogs as they have been introduced to stop incontinence in dogs and have been adapted, therefore they constrict the bladder and kidneys.

Our mission is simple. To ensure that your dog has an enjoyable experience whilst receiving the care they deserve.

We also want to make you feel relaxed and at ease in knowing that when we take your dog off your hands, you have 100% confidence that they will be treated with as much care and dedication as you would like them to have.